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Welcome to Sunny Foot Spa
Sunny Foot Spa offers a range of beauty and wellness services incorporating Western and Eastern holistic health concepts and alternative medicine approaches.

Inspired by the importance of feet in oriental arts of healing, our team of professional and experienced staff are dedicated to make your feet healthy by providing quality foot reflexology treatments. To many of us, our feet could be invisible, when in fact our feet support us through life. After transporting you all day long through all of your tasks, your feet deserve a relaxing break that will also invigorate your body. Come to Sunny Foot Spa and bring life and healthy to your feet.

In the quest for optional health and wellness for our clients, our Chinese tui'na and Japanese shiatsu treatments employ massage techniques that focus on acupressure points to balance and propel energy throughout the body; lymphatic-drainage techniques target built-up fluids and toxins in the body with the hopes of improving metabolism and immune systems.

Our mix of classic spa treatments can also help beautify faces, slim bodies, remove hair, paint nails, extend eyelashes and much more.

Our mission is to provide an environment where dynamic men and women can alleviate stress, achieve a sense of well-being and fulfill aesthetic desires with quality customer service, convenient hours and affordable prices.